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Welcome to House of Hair Surrey, We specialise in Nano Rings, Micro Rings & Tape Hair Extensions. We are also now offering Training to become a certified Hair Extension Technician yourself, learn from the the best & become the business owner you have always dreamed of. 

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My Story

I started out in a hair dressers when I left school at 17, as I have always had a passion for all things hair. I went through my level 2 & 3 hairdressing training alongside shampooing and looking after the clients, which I personally found was the best thing for me to learn practically on the job during my training. My first personal experience with hair extensions started when I developed alopecia as a teenager. My confidence was entirely shot, and I found myself trying all sorts of hair bands and clips to hide the bald spots. I then discovered clip In hair extensions, and that’s where my love for extensions started, and my world changed for the better! I spent every morning before school clipping them in, and the confidence they gave me was amazing, but I longed for

something more permeant.

From then, starting at the salon, I knew I wanted to further my knowledge of extensions and find what method worked best for me. I have tried every method and style, and I think that’s why I can give the best advice to my students and clients for each individual's end result, as everyone's hair is different. Fast forward to now, my alopecia has not come back, but my love for extensions still remains, and that’s why I want to pass my knowledge and experience on to others. I have been in the business for over ten years

now and still have the same passion I did when I first trained.


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